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An unforgettable cruise in the North of Laos.

Located in Luang Prabang, Shompoo cruise is a travel agency specializing in Mekong river cruises. We run three traditional slow-boats full of charm. In the past, the only ways to navigate the Mekong River between Houay Xay - border city of Thailand next to Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai - and Luang Prabang, were to take a public slow boat with minimal comfort, or to hire an expensive private boat. From now on, thanks to our 10 years of experience in tourism (hotel industry, river cruises and tour operations) our team at Shompoo Cruise has acquired the know-how to lead you on an unforgettable two-day boat trip with reasonable fares.

Our devoted and motivated team is ready to share our passion and insight on this legendary River with you as you cruise with us.

Alex Chitdara, Shompoo Cruise co-founder

Our boats

Boat, crew and services.

Our boats are specially made for cruising the Mekong river. 35-meter long, they are equipped with 200 horsepower engines. The hulls are made of steel and passenger decks onboard are made of precious local woods (rosewood and teak).
With a sundeck lounge area in the front, a 10 table 40 seat dining area in the middle, and a bar and sitting area in the back, you will certainly enjoy a very comfortable and relaxing time during your journey. With a different lunch served onboard each day of your journey, you will experience and discover authentic Lao cuisine.

All during the cruise, you will enjoy and admire various natural landscapes, as well as intriguing glimpses of daily life for Lao locals living along the banks of the Mekong.
Unlike public boats that are often overcrowded, our cruises are limited to 40 passengers in order to ensure everyoneโ€™s comfort and safety. Electricity is also provided for the duration of the trip at 220V.

The crew, which includes an experienced captain, an engineer, a cook, a waiter and an English speaking tour guide, does its best to make each Mekong cruise unique.

The crew and all the management team of SHOMPOO CRUISE also develop small projects you may visit on the course of your cruise. We try to help each village (especially school and young students) providing pencils, pens, books, soap, school uniforms, shoes and others useful materials they really need. For more information, please refer to the Help to Villagers page.

The mother of waters

The Mekong River, โ€œmother of watersโ€, the most fascinating river in South-East Asia.

From the expeditions of the first French explorers like Henri Mouhot and Francis Garnier who came to develop a waterway on the river for freight, until the present day, this mythical river still arouses much curiosity in the minds of the adventurous.

In Northern Laos, the Mekong River shows a pathway full of splendid landscapes and a succession of mountains covered by lush vegetation. Villages along the banks are the home to various ethnic groups. Dependent on agriculture, fishery, weaving, gold panning, teak exploitation, locals along the Mekongโ€™s banks engage daily in a rich cultural heritage still preserved from modern economic development.(more info on Laos and Mekong page).