Houay Xay
Border town

Houay Xay is a small border town, slightly quiet, and is essentially renowned for its ruby mines.

This county seat of the Bokeo province is experiencing fast growth in a regional exchange development frame. It is the terminus for the fluvial traffic to and from Luang Prabang dealing with freight and passengers.

The provincial population is various and registers numerous Hmong, Lantene, Kamu ethnic minorities, in which some villages are close to town. It is possible to visit waterfalls and temples next to the city. From Houay Xay, there are many regular connections to China. Currently, there is a new friendship bridge is being built next to the city to directly connect Thailand to Laos by land. The immigration border is now located 10km outside town on the new friendship bridge. Opening hours is from 08:00am to 08:00pm, and tourist visas application on arrival is available for most Westerners for around 35 USD. Once you get to the immigration of Houay Xay, you will have to take a shuttle (7,000 LAK) which will take you to the immigration of Chiang Khong.