Between Houay Xay and Luang Prabang

Pakbeng is a big, quiet borough set on the Mekong riverbank, midway between Houay Xay and Luang Prabang. Thus, Pakbeng has become a strategic step for all travelers traversing the Mekong by boat. During the daytime, Pakbeng’s little shops laze, awaiting the town’s daily indolent pier rhythm. Guesthouses, hotels and restaurants have grown in number to host the Mekong’s passengers that arrive every night.

The inhabitants of this small town are mostly Hmong and Kamu. Once you arrive in Pakbeng, you can leave you luggage on the boat. In that case, it would perhaps be better to prepare a little bag beforehand with all the stuffs you need to spend the night in Pakbeng. If you prefer to take your luggage with you, you can also pay a porter 1 USD/luggage if need be.