“Our vision of tourism in Laos”

Tourism is one the biggest industries in Laos and is a major source of income for the country. Tourism also provides many job positions and gives the population opportunities to earn a steady income.

However, like other kinds of economic developments, tourism can also generate social issues like loss of cultural heritage, an unhealthy dependence on foreign capital, and, above all degradation of the environment. That’s why it is very important for us to learn and understand the impacts of “our” tourism on local communities and the environments they live in.

Each time we visit a village, we try to do our best to help them. Our objective is global. For us, visiting a local village along the Mekong is not only for “seeing” and “taking pictures”. We try, with the support of village chiefs and school directors, to improve and develop the standard of living of these populations while maintaining their integrity. For instance, some villages still do not have electricity and/or running water, some need healthcare products, some wish to have more revenue to buy school materials, some would like to build public lavatories, and so on.

We want to be more than a simple group of tourists stopping at their place just for a short visit. We really want to play a key role in their development by supporting them.

Our guides will not only teach you more about the minority villagers during the village visits and during the cruise, they will also raise your awareness regarding the need to help these communities.

We are deeply convinced that everyone who is cruising with us has a significant role to play by supporting them.

At the moment, we dedicate 2% of our profit to provide necessary school materials, like school books, pens, soap, shampoo, shoes, socks, school uniforms, etc to young children in the villages we visit. We hope you will discover with us the meaning of the word SOLIDARITY as we work together to make a difference along the Mekong. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.